Large bucket

Get one with a lid to keep little hands out and interesting smells in. We keep our bucket in the bathroom next to the toilet. We found ours for $6 at Kmart.

Washing machine

Our washing machine is a real old dunger. It only uses cold water but that’s OK because we hang everything outside in the sun and UV kills everything.

Sunshine and a washing line

You really, really want to try to dry the nappies naturally outside. Some of them can be used in a drier but not all. Check the label.

You don’t need heaps of sunshine and it doesn’t need to heat the air, but it is essential for tackling stains and killing bugs. If it looks like it might rain, or if you don’t have a washing line, you can always chuck the nappies on a clothes drier on the porch

Washing powder

Use whatever you have on hand. We use a plant-based, perfume-free, baby-safe powder but all washing powders will do the job. If you are managing to hang your naps outside, you won’t need to use a stain remover or a soaker.

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