Reusable wipes

Not keen on nappies but wanna dip your toe in the world of reusables? Give your own wipes a go. You’ll save a tonne of money, they are super easy to clean and you can use them at home or on the move.

We’ve been using these wipes on our little monster since we got home from the hospital and haven’t had a problem. No nappy rash, no nothing.


You’ll need:

  • roll of Chux Superwipes cloths
  • old ice cream container
  • water

Step one: Cut each wipe into something about the size of a disposable wipe. Or bit bigger. Whatever works for you.

Step two: Stick the wipes in the ice cream container.

Step three: Pour over a little bit of water so the wipes are damp but not sopping.

Step four: Stick the container on your change table and use them to remove whatever terrifying waste has emerged from your darling wee person.

Step five: Chuck the used wipe in a bucket. When you’ve got enough in the bucket, chuck them in the washing machine on a rinse cycle. When the rinse has finished, you can add whatever else you need to wash to the machine.

Heading to the supermarket to replenish your supply of Timtams but worried that your child might explode while you’re out and about? Just put a few damp wipes in a plastic sandwich bag and chuck it in your nappy bag.


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