Number ones

We’ve experienced wee-wee leakages with both reusable and disposable nappies.

With disposables, this mostly happens when the nappy gets too heavy, generally overnight. There seems to be a tipping point after which there is no more room and things start trickling out. Not sure we can blame that on disposable nappies, sounds more like lazy parents.

Wetness while using reusable nappies mostly happens when we haven’t put them on the kid properly. Common mistakes include:

  • not doing the nappy up tightly
  • tucking clothing into the nappy
  • having boosters or liners that stick up out of the nappy
  • forgetting to resize the nappy to fit the child

Once again, lazy parenting.

Number twos

We have not had a poop disaster in a reusable nappy (touch wood), but we have had a couple of leakages when using plastic fantastic disposables that are a tiny bit too small.

Each time a leak has occurred, it’s because we haven’t changed the kid promptly. When you hear a bum rumble, you have to get onto it or you risk [you can insert a description yourself].


Both reusable and disposable nappies can leak, and all leaks are your fault. How dare you think you can sneak three minutes to finish your cup of tea. To the bum station at once!

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