Bambino Mio – MioSolo


There are a couple of different Bambino Mio nappies and so far we’ve only had a hoon on the MioSolo. We like these nappies. They aren’t perfect but they do a pretty good job.


  • Wide range of fabrics; from plain white to an eye-burning print featuring the floating heads of a rabbit-deer hybrid against blue and brown 70s wallpaper
  • Untuck the insert for easier cleaning and faster drying
  • Onesie fits all (kinda, maybe)
  • All-in-one design, ideal for lazy folk like us

Ease of use
The MioSolo is tolerated by our resident reusable-nappy hater, which means they are super simple to manage and pretty close to perfect.

The liner has an elastic pull thingy to help you extract it before washing without getting your hand covered in pee. It also features an oven-mit-esque envelope at the end, making it easier to slide the liner back in before use.

The child is a large 4-month-old and these look pretty svelte on him. They fit under tights and trackies.

Ability to handle contents
No leaks so far (knock on wood). The liner tucks neatly into a pocket so there’s nothing sticking up out of the nappy.

The saddle is flat and wide, making it really easy to use with an additional disposable or reusable liner to catch solid bits.


  • Velcro to adjust waist
  • Poppers to adjust size
  • Plenty of elastic around legs

The velcro tabs stick out a little bit where the brand label has been attached. These tabs can catch on woollen or merino fabric, and it also means the kid can grab and pull at them. He is currently too weak to escape the confines of his nappy, but imagine this is going to get worse (messier?).

Microfibre liner made from polyester and nylon.
Outer shell made of 100% polyester laminated polyurethane.

Fold back the velcro tabs, pull out the insert and chuck it in the machine. Easy as.

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