We’re a family of three living in New Zealand.

Our small person was born at the start of 2017 and he produces a phenomenal amount of bum waste. We’d feel really guilty about the thousands of disposable nappies we’d be sending to the landfill if we weren’t give reusable nappies a crack. But that’s just us.

There’s a lot of information out there about reusable nappies but we still found it really confusing at first. We get asked questions about our reusble nappies and our processes by friends and strangers whenever they see our kid’s fluffy bum, which makes us think that we aren’t the only people who want to know more. Hopefully this blog will shed some light for you.

We’re not perfect and we aren’t using reusable nappies 100% of the time. Parenting is hard and we don’t need to take on anymore challenges than our babies are already throwing at us. But if we can do it, maybe you can too.